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The Mimaami Organics Story

Skincare from the hands of African mothers, to the hearts of mothers everywhere.

After seeing the benefits of shea butter, I knew I had to share it with mothers everywhere! As a mother myself, I searched tirelessly for topical ointments to address my daughter’s eczema. My mother, who lives in Ghana, reminded me of the power of shea butter, used in my family as a moisturizer for generations. This led me to try shea butter and discover its life-changing benefits.

Mimaami means my mother in the Twi language native to the Ashanti Region of Ghana, where our shea butter is derived from. Therefore, motherhood is the best expression of Mimaami Organics. 

Welcome to the Mimaami community.

Love, Mildred

CEO pic
Mildred Mawusi Agbana (Millie)
Founder of Kinapure Skincare


Mimaami is creating a community with women in Ghana. Our collaboration brings their knowledge from this beautiful ancient shea nut tree to women everywhere, helping heal their skin. 

Shea butter is also known as Women’s Gold. This work, taught to women by their mothers and grandmothers, is a source of income for them and their families in Ghana. 

As a mother and entrepreneur herself, Mildred works with women in Ghana, valuing their passion and hard work.

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Our Project

From Ghana with Love.

Mimaami Organics raw shea butter is ethically sourced from Ghana, where women-led co-operatives are responsible for collecting and refining the shea nut to its silky-buttery form. Mimaami is equally committed to re-investing in these same women in many ways, including teaching best practices in sustainability, entrepreneurship and leveraging their collective talent to share the power of shea to communities around the globe.

In our most precious moments and every season, nature can lend a nurturing hand.

Mothers have endless shopping lists and errands to run. That’s why we’ve designed only a few products that can have several uses. From being a powerful moisturizer for pregnant women to soothing dry skin, to helping kids alleviate itchiness from skin allergies, our moisturizers and raw shea butter are here for you and your family.

Our products only have natural ingredients gifted by mother earth, including our Grade A (Unrefined) Shea Butter handcrafted by women in Ghana. Our formula includes Coconut Oil, Moringa Oil, Baobab Oil, and Cocoa Butter handcrafted in Ghana. Our Rosemary Extract, Vanilla Planifolia Fruits, Avocado Butter, and Vitamin E are all sourced from women-owned suppliers and come from the best of nature.

Learn about our ingredients.

100_ VEGAN
100% Vegan
Cruelty Free
For All Skin Types
GMO Free


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