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of African mothers.
Our products are safe for all women, in all stages of pregnancy and throughout motherhood. Discover your
best skin.
Handcrafted with indigenous ingredients such as Grade A Shea Butter and packed with vitamins A, E and K. The best of nature
for those who we
care about the most.

Created with a mother’s love, and a woman’s knowledge.

Kinapure is now Mimaami Organics. “Mimaami” means my mother in the Twi language of Ghana, West Africa. The name change was inspired by a recent trip to Ghana where I met the women who make our shea butter. Inspired by their stories, my mother reminding me to try shea butter on my daughter, and my story as a mother, I wanted to dedicate their entire brand to motherhood, and so I did.

Trying shea butter helped my family and me, and I’m glad to share it with you. I designed each product bringing in nature’s most loving ingredients. Thought for those with sensitive skin, but available to all skin types and the entire family. 

Love, Mildred

The best of nature, to soothe your skin.​

  • Effective shea butter from the heart of Ghana. 
  • Packed with vitamins A, E & K.
  • Scented with natural ingredients and essential oils.
  • Organic and cruelty-free.
  • For all skin types, through all seasons.
  • Thought for women at all stages of pregnancy.
  • With different options for all sensitive skin types.
  • Use it on your face, body or hair.
  • Developed by an experienced nurse, and loving mother.
  • Thought for the entire family. 
  • Our brand comes from our Ghanaian heritage. 
  • Our work collaborates with women in Ghana.
Kinapure Grapefruit

We’ve married our silky butter with the anti-inflammatory properties of jojoba and moringa oil.

Kinapure Cocoa-vanilla
Cocoa Vanilla

Our silky butter combined with the allure of vanilla and the natural soothing effects of cocoa-butter.

Kinapure Lavender

Enjoy UV protection with this exotic mixture infused with avocado butter and lavender to assist in wound healing and skin inflammations.


100% Natural
just like you.


for our people & planet.


from head to toe.


For Everyone
& every body.


Let's take care together.

From woman to woman, I thank you for joining me on this journey to heal our skin with the love of nature.

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