Social Projects

A Ghanaian woman carries her child on her back using a sling. The child is sleeping. She has her hair braided and tied in a bun.

The Mimaami Mother & Child Health Fund

With our mission to share the knowledge of Ghanaian women with mothers everywhere, we also have a goal to lend support to the women of Ghana in return. Mimaami is committed to re-investing in these same women in many ways, including teaching best practices in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and leveraging their collective talent to share the power of shea to communities around the globe.

In early 2022, we at Mimaami Organics started a social project called the Mimaami Mother & Child Health Fund. We are now donating 5% of our profits towards women empowerment, maternal, and child health initiatives in the Savannah region of Ghana. With direct support from your purchases, we’ll be working behind the scenes to donate patient safety supplies, clinical attires, and patient monitoring equipment to hospitals in the region.

A group of Ghanaian women are in position for a group photo, some are standing in the back row and others are seated in the front row. They wear traditional Ghanaian clothing and head scarves. Among them is Mildred the founder of Mimaami Orgnaics.

Pacsung Cooperative in Tamale Ghana

We buy shea butter at a fair trade partnership with the women heading the Pacsun Cooperative in Tamale- Ghana, as well as obtaining organic certification to meet global demands for certified organic shea butter. This partnership allows the women in the cooperative to make enough to buy food, afford medicine, and send their children to school. Our growth will directly provide more financial opportunities for women shea butter producers. By buying Mimaami Organics products, our customers are enhancing the global legacy of the women in the cooperative.

A Ghanaian woman is processing Shea on a machine. She is standing wearing traditional clothes and a headscarf. With her left hand she uses a pestle to push the Shea into the processor.

The Ghana Project

 In our aim to protect the rural women of Ghana, as well as the source and quality of our unrefined shea butter - we have an ongoing construction of a Modern Shea Processing Center at Lingbinsi in the North Gonja District of the Savannah Region of Ghana. The center facilitates our quality control protocols and can support over 105 women who are divided into smaller groups for effective training and progress monitoring. This initiative is also covering the following: 

Training and Empowerment 

The community of women involved in the initiative benefit from our series of free training. They learn how to build techniques which equip them with the skills to pick and produce the highest quality of shea nuts and shea butter that meet both the local and international market. 


In order to protect our women from environmental hazards such as snake bites, bees attack, and heat burns associated with shea processing, we provide personal protective equipment to facilitate their work.

Environment Sustainability 

Quality shea kernels are purchased at a competitive price and sustainably stored for future processing. This initiative is especially beneficial to our women during the lean season, where we help them generate an income throughout the year without having to go through any scarce seasons or the stress of walking for miles under the heat to sell their shea butter in neighboring villages and towns. Ultimately, nature is also given a break in order to replenish its wild with the amazing shea nuts we have come to appreciate. We equally mitigate climate change through practices aimed at protecting shea parklands and using energy efficient processing equipment.

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