Our Story

 Mimaami Organics is inspired by the heritage of women in Ghana who have healed their skin throughout generations with shea butter and all-natural products. Our mission is to create a world in which living a natural life is accessible, while improving the lives of women (specifically mothers) along the way. As such, we’ve teamed up with a community of women in Ghana in order to bring their knowledge from this beautiful ancient shea nut tree to women everywhere.

Mildred Mawusi Agbana (Millie) Founder of Mimaami Organics

Meet Our Founder

As a mother herself, Mildred searched tirelessly for topical ointments that could effectively address and soothe her daughter’s persistent eczema. Her mother, who lives in Ghana, reminded her of the power of shea butter as it had been used as a moisturizer by their family for generations. This led her to begin weaving shea butter into most of her family’s daily self-care products, and truly realizing its life-changing benefits. After seeing, and experiencing first-hand, the rewards of regularly using shea butter, Mildred felt the call to share this knowledge with the women of the world. 

Mildred was moved to name her brand Mimaami Organics because Mimaami means ‘my mother’ in the Twi language that is native to the Ashanti Region of Ghana, where our shea butter is derived from. She inherently knew that motherhood is the best expression of Mimaami Organics, and wanted this brand to appeal to mothers everywhere even through its name. 

From woman to woman, she thanks you for joining her on this journey to heal our skin with the love of nature.

Let's take care together.

  • Business

    We aim to build a sustainable, woman-run business that can positively impact the lives of our customers as well as the rural women in Ghana. We purchase ingredients at competitive prices, and use sustainable storage for future processing.

  • Social Impact

    The Mimaami Organics team is involved in a variety of social projects ranging from donation-based to partnering with cooperatives. You can learn more about our projects here.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Our goal is to mitigate climate change through practices aimed at protecting shea parklands, as well as using energy efficient processing equipment. In addition to that, we use sustainable packaging for all products.

A group of five Ghanaian women are carrying water into containers. Some of them carry water in basins over their heads. All wear traditional regional clothes and turbans.

The Mimaami Organics Impact

We work with charitable organizations in the U.S., as well as women-run cooperatives in Savannah, Ghana through fair trade and sustainable training. Click the button below to learn more about our social projects, and how you can help.

Our Social Projects